Sunday, July 7, 2013

Month 11 Day 7

Notebook entry
15 reports given" stingar", cipher out cipher in and significant activity log, priority intelligence requirements, women without headscarves, used oil solution?, Spare parts solution, finance, no show.

Journal entry
I finished up my book 'the Talent Code' I wondered if maybe I was
being overly negative about this place because I had conditioned
myself to be so.  I think it is going to be important for me to show
and not tell some of the things that are going on over here.

I worked with Bernie in the morning on his PIRs.  He was very proud
that he made up three books one for Ciphers in, one for Ciphers out,
and one a Significant activity log.

One thing that came up in the translation was the translation of
MANPADs, Bashir didn't know what that was and I suggested the word
'Stingar' how I assumed the Afghans would pronounce Stinger, and I was
right, he knew exactly what that was.  Well thanks CIA in the 1980s,
not only did you beat the Soviets, you changed Dari.

We went to the combined Ops and Intel meeting.  Bernie bombed his
portion, got the 'ass wipe of the week award (a package of baby wipes)
for his performance.'  The Marines were getting all wrapped up about
him briefing his slides, and he did what they all did initially, that
is read his written report.  Maj Hesco 'Ginglied' me in the middle of
the brief.  You've got to fix this shit...Thanks, sir like you did
such an awesome job when you were working with the XO and the S1.
anyways, I think I understand why they do it.  The literacy rate is so
low, and the number of guys with eyeglasses is so low that if they
don't read everything out, then they probably rightly believe that the
audience will not get what they are sending.

There was a fair bit of Col Schmitt getting bothered by the whole
thing.  This could have been showmanship for the civilian lady from
the SecDef's advon who was in the meeting (she was in there without a
head cover by the way and none of the Afghans seems to be scandalized,
I even asked the PAO about it and he said it wasn't a big deal for a
lot of the guys who lived in Kabul).  Col Schmitt was all fired up
about the used oil, broken parts, and junk being sent he wanted a
'solution' by the end of the day.  He also made the leave flight his
'number one CCIR' for the day (apparently he was later told by General
Craparotta to shut the fuck up and stop inferring that no one gives a
shit-his words).

The SecDef's folks came over again today to walk around and
choreograph the whole route that the secdef would take.  We are
setting up some of the RSO&I training that we do and making sure that
it hums while he is here.  The stupid thing is.  That is not the point
of this level of command.  He should be here to check out the planning
abilities of the staff, but that is not going to be broached.  Capt
Arthur sagely brought up two things at dinner.  First, everyone
complains that the guys in Kabul and the states have no idea what is
going on, but then when they come to visit we put on a bullshit show
for them which gives a false impression.  Second he brought up the
issue of gear LtCol Paul Shinkman has apparently repeatedly told him that
the Col has said that if the Afghans 'can't or won't do something,
then we'll do it for them.'  He rightly brought up a the point that if
we start doing things for them that they simply won't do, then we'll
have a situation where they won't do anything (it sounds a lot like
the current situation).

I taught another class on personal finance to the junior Marines.

I was going to teach another class to Qais and Tawoos, but they didn't
show.  I didn't try to chase them down.  I'm just not going to give
them any reports or the weather until they do what is expected of

The linguist tent, with a cutout so Bashir could watch TV, Naikpai on the floor, and Fareed covering his face

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