Sunday, July 14, 2013

Month 11 Day 14

Notebook entry
17 reports given, met in the morning, Major Kraus here, no show afternoon, independent training, Officer driver (illegible).

Journal entry
Met up with Tawoos in the morning.  That worked out ok.  He kept
complaining about how he wanted to go the the Corps HQ to learn how to
fill out some forms and sort out personnel problems.  I'm said 'don't
you think you should travel to your kandaks in Marjeh and Trek Nawa
first so you know what you want to tell them?"  Then is came up that
he wanted to go there to get some HUMINT source money. "they told me
to come there, I've got to go" It goes without saying that he wanted
me to put him on an airplane and take him there.  "When I get back I'm
going to go on leave."
"Leave, you just got here"
"It's been three months"
We also talked about the guy from second kandak who has been
repeatedly ordered to come here but failed to do so because of ethnic

I cause up with the GSU CI officer, not school trained either, but at
least he's filling the billet.

Maj Kraus came and worked on link analysis.  Based on a
conversation I had later with him he seems to be towing the line,
forcing tawoos to use his system.  That is really great. Maybe he'll

Did lunch and a Classified Material inventory.  LtCol Valquist was
trying to save some important documents on his local hard drive
because he didn't 'trust the share drive.' Every single drive is
proned to failure, just back it up, but of course it was my fault
because I was the last one to touch his computer in the inventory.

I tried to do a class with the Sgts.  They were naturally sleeping in
their tent, something I knew was going to happen as soon as they moved
out of the office spaces.  This dispite the fact that they chose this
time and said it was good for the class.

New Garrison Support Unit Counterintel officer in his container-office

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