Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Month 11 Day 24

Notebook entry
Seven reports given, Red Horse comment, not a good show, communications maintenance, sixth Kandak forklift, staff Sgt. Robert Burns, Qualcomm planning for Ramadan.

Journal entry
SSgt Robert Burns came over to work with the Sgts in the morning.  I spoke with the Major briefly about training, but most of the morning I was working on other stuff. We've had two separate linguist stabbings in our AO.  Dangerous business.

The Air Force guys, Red Horse wrote Maj Davidson and E-mail in the morning which asked if the loud male voice blasting at 0430 every morning was some type of religious thing. If not could the Afghans turn it down because it is really annoying.  We all got a good laugh out of that.  yes red horse you are in a 'Muslim' country, and these 'Muslims' have a call to prayer.  It's been ten years, awesome.

The comm section did the Grand Opening of their Comm Maintenance Facility.  The General came out and told them this was 'not a good show.'  He wanted to see more radios, repair parts, and tools.  Well dick, we ordered those months ago through your supply system, have you put in any effort to make sure those orders are fulfilled like a real General would?  No you think your job is just to show up, bitch and be treated like royalty.

In North Marjeh, the Marines accidentally hit an ANA truck with a fork lift, the ANA demanded that the Marines fix it.  Really, where do you think all of these fucking trucks, this money, and this expertise comes from?  But the week prior, when the ANA hit a Marine skid-loader, you had better believe no help was forthcoming. 

I had enough for one morning, I had to leave, but as I was leaving I saw a Ranger full of Soldiers on the bed of an international truck being towed by another international.  I chased them down, said what the fuck, and told them these trucks roll like its their job.  They are probably going to ignor me because riding on the ground is dusty, oh well.

I worked on my job application for Qualcomm at lunch time. 

In the afternoon I was going to give a class to Tawoos, but I thought it was a better use of our time if we sat down and spelled out all of the responsibilities of everyone in the section.  He said to me that he was going to write to Corps and have them appoint me as the S2 officer until he comes back.  He said he wished he had an officer like me in the ANA.  That's kind of nice to hear after dealing with Samir and Razaq.  It's nice to know that I'm not crazy.

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