Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Month 11 Day 30

‘Skipped day’

Journal entry

Started out like a pretty normal Sat.  The meeting was held late in
the morning so that the General could do his pass-in-review.

I went to see the S2 guys and scheduled a class time with them.

I came back and scetched the outline for the manditory Marine Corps
Gazette article that 'we' have to write.  It is entitled "Partnering
to Win" I think the subtitle should be "what the RCT-1 ETT did not do
in Afghanistan.

After that i can an E-mail from Suzan about how our refrigerator went
down hard so I spent a couple of hours searching around to figure out
how to get it repaired/replaced.

After that was done GySgt Exlos came over for a class with the NCOs.
When he came out he said that Najib and Salim were acting like they
were high and he even spoke to them in the meeting about the negative
effects of drugs.  I chewed them out afterward and told them they
needed to show respect in class and not balance bottles on their

I was a bit annoyed because Munir didn't show up for class, but I
found out that there was a four-man MoD inspection team sent here (no
one bothered to let me know they were coming) he was in charge of
dog-and-ponying them around finding a place for them to sleep, etc.  I
met up with them, it was the counterintel director for all of MoD, Col
Omar, the G2 and 3 other guys from MoD whose billets I can't remember.

I told them that I was going to have a class and they decided they
wanted to come.  they were pretty attentive at first, then the deputy
Zed-estebarat guy said the class was too advanced, one of his
colleagues disagreed and said it was the best class he'd ever seen.
Then one wanted to play stump the Capt, he asked me about the way we
divide terrain. It was a stupid question that showed his ignorance,
but I played along, and showed him that I knew my shit and that he was
a Colonel, wow.  They then grew tired of the class and wanted to go do
some other stuff. That worked out.

Went to chow.

Picked up Maj James Blitz who didn't even bother to give me a call to let me
know he was coming.

The LtCol was playing 'wallyball' with the Afghans so our meeting was
shifted to the right and I didn't get any sleep.  Thanks for

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