Sunday, July 21, 2013

Month 11 Day 21

Notebook entry
Eight reports given

Journal entry
Probably the single biggest waste of a day since we got here.  We
arrived at 0300 in the morning, so I slept in until about 0700, went
to the gym, showered grabbed sandwich. I told Tawoos that the Corps
had a meeting in the morning and that we should try to meet up with
them afterward, but he said that he tried to meet with them and they
bounced out to some other planning meeting. The branch plan was to
work on getting the maps for Garmsir at 1100, but Tawoos decided to go
crew around with one of his friends up here, so that didn’t work.
This Thurs is normally a half-day no work was accomplished in the
afternoon either.

I basically spent the day catching up on E-mails, and working on my
book proposal at the end of the day I watched Monty Python and the
quest for the Holy Grail.  That was a hoot.

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