Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Month 11 Day 16

See above, met with the major regarding the trip to Shorabak, Garrison support unit administration officer lunch Garrison support unit administration officer, Major here Gunnery Sergeant here, Mirabon transferred

Journal entry
One thing that I forgot to mention on the 15th was that the General has been demanding a privacy fence for his office (a building really), so of course the task falls to the mentors.  Why he wants a fence I'm not really sure, probably to make himself seem more exclusive, I'm not really sure.  I don't know why LtCol Valquist is entertaining this, but he is.  He ordered us to figure out how to make a fence or buy it with FOO money.  The solution ended up being HESCO barriers not filled, but with Engineer stakes driven into the ground.  I guess it seems pretty ridiculous, but when the SecDef came, somebody from mainside put up a sniper screen around the burn pit, so that he wouldn't see all of the trash as he drove by (that said, the height of the burn pit still exceeded that of the fence. 

Anyway, I met with the Maj and we discussed the trip to Shorabak.  I now understand why he is so desperate to go and is giving every excuse in the book.  He wants to go soon because he wants to go on leave as soon as he gets back.  

I worked with the GSU S1 in the morning and in the afternoon, Said Wali is such a pleasant guy to work with most of the time.  I think my expectations have been lowered, but he sat down with me for about two hours straight as I worked through all of the roster with him.  That is a big spell for any of these guys.  He was about to cut it off and go onto something else, but then he thought better of it.  

the Major and the GySgt both came for class in the afternoon.  That was pretty good by all accounts. 

I found out in the evening meeting that Mirabon-saib, the kind one, had paid off someone in Kabul and was getting himself transferred up there.  

Members of the S-1 Admin section, breaking apart ink cartridges to refill other ones

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