Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Month 11 Day 2

Notebook entry
Three reports given, David Brooks article, $400 per person now, $300, refused to send weapons.

Journal entry
Barnie left real early in the morning before I even got a chance to see him, so I spent the day catching up.  I did the budget, rewrote the command chronology, and caught up on all of the old E-mails in my inbox.  They were mostly headlines from the New York times that I hadn’t gotten around to.  In reading them there was one that caught my eye (now in the archive), David Brooks said presciently that in Nawa we spent $400 per person, but their actual output only correlated to $300 per person.  There is no way that we can pull out without completely fucking up the economy.  The other thing that he said which was fantastic was that spending is not the way out of this, the people are a large part of the problem unless they are educated/reeducated, nothing is going to change. 
 I spent a lot of the time in the afternoon/evening creating a LinkedIn profile.  This was before I realized that I could just upload my resume and it would basically make the profile for me.  Oh well. I feel really excited about doing this.  I don’t really know the reasons.  It could be because when I put down my resume in yet another format, it does look pretty good.  It makes me think that I am worth something despite how the RCT/Div/Maj Kraus want to treat me.  It could also be because it is the first step toward moving back into a regular life where my job is not all-consuming, where I have a say in what happens, where I think I can make a positive difference. 

The other thing that came out last night in the meeting was that the ANA from 6th kandak are refusing to send their weapons up here to be repaired.  They have even been taking broked weapons on patrol with them knowing that they would not function if they were needed. I wonder why this is?  I wonder if they think the guys at this level are irresponsible, if they will steal them, if they will sell them, if they will redistribute them.  Hmmm

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