Saturday, July 20, 2013

Month 11 Day 20

Notebook entry
10 reports given “scandalous” report, cleared out in the morning, class with sergeants.

Journal entry
In the morning I went to talk to Maj Tawoos and the guys about meeting
up.  He told his Sergeants that they could expect a class every day in
the morning at 1030.  Of course, he didn’t tell me about this.   The
problem was that we were told that all of the guys from the Regiment
were coming over to work on their slides for the combined ops/intel.
That simply did not happen.  The only gy who came over was LaFranchi.
Even though they did not come over at the appointed time they planned
to come over throughout the day, so I had rescheduled this class with
the NCOs, at great pain to all involved for nothing.  I coordinate to
make sure that the RCT is going to come at 1500, the rescheduled class
time to work with the Afghans.  None of the guys from the regiment
talk to one another so Maj Hesco calls at two to have one of the Jr
Marines come pick him up.  At 1500, Capt CJ Radin doesn’t have a truck, so
he can’t come over.  I cover down on the class with the Sgts.  At 1550
CJ Radin shows up towards the end of my class.  He’s like ‘I’m here to
work on the slides, we’re supposed to have three of them, one for
Sigacts from the past 24 hours, one is weather, and one is the next 24
hours.’  He didn’t have the sigacts, he didn’t have the weather,didn’t
have a CD to burn the stuff onto, didn’t have a computer to build it,
and he didn’t have any of the reporting for the next 24 hours.  This
is fucking pathetic, so I go print off some stuff for him, and give
him a CD so he can ‘partner’ this is well after the time that the Sgts
feel entitled to go play volleyball, so Qais is pissed.  I probably
should not have even done that.  The LtCol wanted them to fall on
their faces, he wanted them to see how hard it actually is to work
with the ANA, and he didn’t want us to baby sit them.  CJ Radin was
clearly lost, so I felt bad and didn’t leave him totally hanging.  He
comes back and tries the CD that burned on the ANA computer and it
doesn’t work, so I give him an external, and he can’t find Qais, he
calls in a panic while I’m in the meeting and I tell him its going to
be nearly impossible to find Qais, and that his best bet is to bring a
thumb drive over early in the morning.

I was going to meet up with Tawoos in the afternoon, after I met up
with the Sgts, but I was so busy babysitting my Marine counterpart,
that I was not able to do that.

Also throughout the day apparently the Logistics apparatus all the way
up to the G-4 was scandalized by an accurate reporting on ANA
logistics.  They acted as though they had never heard of the content
before and wondered if it had been vetted by the ETT.  We all wondered
how our reports could fall on such deaf ears. Apparently the TLF G-2
also decided not to pursue any of the corruption stuff that I have
discovered in the S2 section.

Steve threw John Soltz a birthday party, he got all of the TCNs to come out
and sing Happy Birthday in the Chow hall, it was probably the most out
of tune but enthusiastic version I have ever heard.  They made him a
cake too.

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