Monday, July 29, 2013

Month 11 Day 29

Notebook entry
14 reports given, communication civilian here, Ramadan pre-meal.

Journal entry
I got to talk to Suzan in the morning, and see her on Skype, that was fun.  I did the inventory of the Biometric Automated Toolset and Marine-Air-Ground Task-Force Secondary Imagery Dessemination System gear (we really need to come up with better nomenclature for stuff).  I wonder if these silly names come because the contractors who sell the stuff are former military guys who know exactly what the uniformed guys want to hear. I imagine the conversation goes like this
'I've got some cameras that your snipers could use to send pictures back to the HQ."
Systems Command military guy "I'm not really interested"

Six months later the contractor returns with a large green Pelican case with exactly the same gear in it
"As you know, the infantryman's eyes are the primary imagery system in the Marine Corps, oooh-rah, as a secondary system to reinforce the Marine-Air Ground Task Force that is so vital to the nation's defense.  I've got some I've got some cameras that your snipers could use to send pictures back to the HQ.  Oh, by the way the Army doesn't have it."
Marine "I'll take 500."
"Nice doing business with you" Now sign on the dotted line they cost a mere $8,000 a piece (actual price).

Brian bitched to me at lunch, rightfully so, I think, about the way the LtCol was dealing with the ANA coming into the chow hall.  Rather than demand that they leave or the AC units will not be installed he has said that the contractors will merely need to work around the ANA who have illegally occupied the building.  Basically, the ANA get exactly what they want, a new mosque, the A/C units, and they learn that they can bully their way into whatever they want no matter who is paying for it.  The LtCol would probably say "It's late"

Anyways, in the afternoon I worked with LtCol Valquist on the AAR and on the Questions for the congressmen. 

I tried to meet up with the S2 to give them the weather, but they weren't around.  I cleaned my rifle, pistol, and did some more job-hunting.

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