Sunday, July 28, 2013

Month 11 Day 28

Notebook entry
13 reports given, general declares Ramadan early, dinar wacky statistics $100,000 house, class with noncommissioned officers, Qais late, combined staff meeting, write Congress?, Class with officers, illegal occupation, ditch poop Russians.

Journal entry
I forgot to say that the day prior to this the General tried to change the date for the start of Ramadan.  Now that is really overstepping your bounds.  No matter how powerful you think you are, you can't change the weather.  I hate this guy.  Also on the day prior Dinar told us and Bash confirmed that a bunch of those mud huts that are climing the hills in Kabul are worth $100,000 a piece.  Talk about the inflation that we have created in this place.

In the morning I tried to have the class with the NCOs at 0900.  Qais did not show up on time.  Munir had to go find him and kick him in the butt.  He claimed that he didn't know even though both of the other guys told him.  I did something new in the class.  I gave them folders with paper and had them take notes.  I took Qais' folder back because he already lost one, but I let Najib keep his.  It was a decent class, but I had to cut it short because the ANA were confused about the meeting time with the RCT. 

At lunch I wrote the questions for the Congressional delegation that is coming here. 

In the afternoon I did a class with the officers, the new GSU CI guy and Munir.  I talked about what the hell intel is, what their job is, and about the intel cycle. 

In the evening meeting we believe that we solved the ditch-poop problem.  We are going to too eight more port-a-johns in more convienient locations so the soldiers don't crap in the ditch.  The XO blamed this on the Russians.  He said the Russians would just shit wherever they wanted.  He didn't explain how 20 year olds remembered what Russians did 25 years ago. 

The Afghans also occupied one of the buildings before it was completed and decided to make it a Mosque.  The forced the contractors to open it for them and installed a speaker system on top.  Now they have basically voided any warranty on the contract.  If anything is wrong with the building, they cannot ask Unity to fix it.  It doesn't even have A/C yet, but they said they didn't care.  Whatever.  

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