Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Month 11 Day 17

Notebook entry
14 reports given, Gen. wants shower, capital HESCO, meet in the morning regarding trips, no lines of operation synchronization, Major B, no Qais, administration.

Journal entry
Met with the Maj again in the morning we talked about the trip to SBK, about some Marines who allegedly flex cuffed some Afghan on post and then called him names and tried to rape him.  All sounds a bit far fetched, but maybe that's what the guy believes, the Marine's side is that the guy was baked out of his mind and they restrained him. 

The LOO sync meeting was cancelled in the morning, I don't know why, but I don't care either. 

I tried to meet with the Sgts at 1400, Najib was one half-hour late, and Qais was a no show.  He was behaving badly because he wants to be transferred, the Major is about to give in.  

I met with the Bde S1 in the afternoon.  The guy was not read in on where anyone was, so it was a pretty useless venture.  

Maj Kraus came to work with the S2 at 1500. 

I got into it with the S2 about going on leave when he had no alpha, had only been here a short time, and hadn't been to all of his kandaks, this is really inhibiting progress, I had such high hopes, but it is clear that leave is priority number one for him. 

The latest thing that the LtCol is giving in to the General on is this shower.  He wants a private shower for himself behind his office, the LtCol wanted to know whether he could put one next to his hooch (these things are worth $230,000), its just obscene.  Capt Arthur talked him down, he's like we can't really do that, but we can make a tank on a stand, the Col seemed to be ok with that idea.  I don't get it. 

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