Thursday, July 11, 2013

Month 11 Day 11

Notebook entry
11 reports given, Taliban patient, helicopter, nine students in class, multiplication, class with sergeants, Area of responsibility, area of interest, major Tawoos and captain CJ Radin, building quality, general signing, container.

Journal entry
In the morning the ANA tried to put our active TB patient on an ANA helo with about 25 other Afghan soldiers, no mask, no contact precations.  The docs intercepted him before he came out of the ambulance, thank God. 

I tried to go see Tawoos in the morning, but he was busy with some of the soldiers who just arrived he was giving them a 'psychological evalution'  seeing if they were nuts, if they were he was going to send them back to SBK to get processed out of the Army, the list of S2 tasks grows...He was busy with that, so I went to check up on the literacy instructors.  One of our teachers was doing a really good job, they were working on multiplication, and the students seemed to be getting it. 

After that I sat and talked to Tawoos for a while about Qais' issues, his performance, manning, the convoy the teleconferences that we were supposed to have in the afternoon.  He said that both Sgts would go to class at 1030.  I went out to prepare, but we were really down on linguists because of a couple of RSO&I courses, so the LtCol intercepted me and Naikpai and pulled us into the General's office.  He was sitting in is chair signing a stack of papers and bitching about how hard his job was.  I briefed him on his intel section.  He only half-paid attention, which I guess was good because one of the things the doctors wanted signed was in that stack of papers and they presumed that the general would get tired of signing and eventually just pen-whip it, which he did.

I taught a class to the Sgts, I told them everything that they needed to write down for their notes.  That seemed to work ok, I need to get them extra binders to put thier notes in.  They lost the old ones.

I went to lunch with the S2.  He said I would have to get extended because he didn't want me to go.  While I was flattered, I told him he'd be happy to see me go soon enough.  He denied it and said I was the assistant intel officer for the brigade. 

In the afternoon we were supposed to do two VTCs, but a generator went down which fried the SIPR and NIPR for most of the day.  Tawoos didn't show, which was good for a change.

CJ Radin came over and taught Tawoos a class instead of the VTC.  That's cool with me.

In the meeting it came up that Mustafa was complaining about the quality of the buildings that were going up.  The fucking nerve, you don't pay for them, don't plan them, don't inspect them, but complain about cracks in the concrete. Dick.  I guess the S6 got his ass in gear after he heard that Tawoos had eyes on his container, if he didn't finish it, then Tawoos would take it over. That sped things up.

At the last minute the LtCol wanted to change the route, which meant a new route study new route planning, and generally less sleep for me.  Sir, I'd be nice if you gave me a better heads-up. 

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