Thursday, July 25, 2013

Month 11 Day 25

Naikpai Hazara comment, schedule class, Qais no-show and fouth Kandak teleconference, sixth Kandak, Capt. Habib back, Bernie leave pistol clothes, linguist/Lieutenant, ditch crap.

Journal entry
One thing I forgot to mention from yesterday.  The other terps were giving Naikpai shit because he was bad-mouthing the general.  They were saying he is your general, he's a Hazara just like you.  I fucking lost it.  I told them that I would crush any of them that made another ethnic comment.  It is the first time I've ever threatened anyone bodily harm on the team, but they shut up. 

In the morning there was some new-to-us gym equipment in the tent at the MWSS, that pretty much made my day. 

I went to see the Major in the morning to discuss the schedule with him and the Sgts, he had already spoken to them about it.  That's nice.  He told the Sgts to show up to class as 1000 and I thought that would be the end of it, but when class time rolled around only Najib showed up.  I had him walk the Sgt from 4th kandak through all of the stuff that he had been learning.  I think that it was nice for him.  He got a chance to see how far he had come, and the other Sergeant was in awe, Najib might as well have been talking about physics.  The end of the class I again went over key terrain in a conventional and COIN fight.

At lunch I worked on some more stuff for Qualcomm, I am pretty pleased with my .pdf ninjary. 

In the afternoon we had the leave flight.  I was checking the roster against my database, but Capt Nowak was out searching.  Bernie tried to keep his pistol with him and said that he had a card which said it was ok.  I told him not to do that, but he didn't listen and Capt Nowak got into it with him.  Ultimately, no pistol went on the flight.  The general's aid also tried to bring like four sets of cammies, when he was told he couldn't take them he went back, put them in the bottom of his bag and came back.  Capt Nowak then proceeded to tear them out and throw them on the ground.  He was pissed that the guy would lie right to his face and further pissed off when they would not pick up their own trash despite his orders.

We had the teleconference in the afternoon.  2nd kandak was here in person in all of his stupidity.  6th kandak was the only kandak to call in.  Gul Rahim apparently refused to show up.  That's not entirely surprising, he's done that before.  On the bright side, Capt Habib is back the longest "school" in the history of Afghan intel. 

We are having more issues with ditch-crapping.  Basically any place where lights aren't shining on them the Afghans will leave their hootch, go to a trench and shit in it.  We used to have the problem by our compound, but now that we have the lights up we haven't seen it in a while.  We think it is just a convenience thing.  They have plenty of Turkish toilets, but it's just closer to shit in a ditch.  The main concern is that we have a couple hundred guys living on the camp, and if they all crap in the ditch especially around the chow hall, then we could have some disease issues.  

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