Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Month 11 Day 23

Notebook entry
39 reports given, standard time for noncommissioned officer classes, plan for Ramadan, gunnery sergeant class afternoon, Naikpai not a "good Afghan”, video teleconference afternoon, well running.

Journal entry
Maj Tawoos decided to give the NCOs a standard time for classes without discussing it with me.  This caused some issues because the RCT was not able to adjust.  Anyway.  I got them to agree to do another afternoon class.  I also got the major to sketch out a basic plan for the amount of work I can expect from them during Ramadan. 

I took all of the linguists to lunch, as is my general practice.  Naikpai started talking about corruption in the ANA.  Specifically he said that he believed that the Corps G2 and Maj Abdul Razaq were both guilty in stealing the HUMINT source money.  The other linguists started teasing him in Dari.  They asked him why he was telling these guys (me) about corruption in Afghanistan, it was going to give me a bad impression.  They said that he wasn't a good Afghan, and that maybe Hazaras would never be good Afghans.  It's funny that a good Afghan is one who keeps his mouth shut about corruption.

GySgt Exlos came in the afternoon to teach a class to the Sgts.  I was planning on teaching one to Maj Tawoos, but the Corps changed their time for the VTC, so I didn't get the chance to.  I had to go talk to him about some counterintel issues that can't be discussed on this medium because the Agency loves to overclassify stuff.

I went to chow with Capt Arthur in the evening.  His troubles in the past 48 hours were many.  The ANA were stealing the gravel, sand, and concrete that the contractors were using to make buildings for them (they are the only people in the world who can fuck up someone giving them something).  He said they had destroyed the water distro system.  They had broken into the pump house and let the water run, flooding the facility.  One it was secure and as we were driving by a guy was out there using the water to wash his truck.  Their one working fuel truck has an increadibly unbalanced wheel (they turned the other one into a water truck to water their gardens).  We don't know what Sgt Ali hit, but he is still driving like a Bat out-of hell.  Awesome.

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