Sunday, December 9, 2012

Month 4 Day 9

Notebook Entry
Sergeant Major Rafi Returns, Taught map, got Form Bs, delivered roster, found out personnel policy.

Journal entry.
On the ninth Samir came back in all his mmm, glory. I told him tongue-in-cheek of course that I would kill him if he didn’t work hard enough. I also told him that he had no idea how to do his job, he didn’t like that and stormed out. I have tried the kind and gentle approach before. I got walked all over, so now I got with the soul-crushing approach. I will make him work if it kills me.

Yesterday was Jummah, so there was no work done by the ANA, I inventoried all of our classified Hard drives, finished up and mailed off the refinancing stuff for our loan and slept in until 0630, I probably could have kept on sleeping, and I probably will next week. I was just dead to the world.

Capt Brawney got this as a gift from his mentee, the English description is great.

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