Saturday, December 29, 2012

Month 4 Day 29

Notebook Entry
Seven reports to Samir, spoke to Samir about weather effects, made weather PowerPoint and picked up antenna, Cold weather gear arrival.

Journal Entry
Yesterday I worked with Samir on the weather all day. I think I saw smoke coming out of his ears by the end. I helped him learn how to use excel and PPT. I had to work with him in Excel so that we could convert imperial to Metric and have the machine do the calculations. What they call Algebra over here is not what we would think of as Algebra. Both he and Najib, who is still hanging around the S2 shop claimed that they knew algebra, but they could not figure out basic conversion formulas. You just can’t assume any knowledge here.

I got kicked out of my chair last night just like Capt Nowak did. The other guys just smiled knowing what an ass Major Hesco made of himself.

Edited to Add:
The chair that I am talking about was just a simple office chair.  We had some crummy Chinese folding chairs, and a few chairs with nicer padding on them.  They would randomly be shifted around during the day before a meeting.  Most of us would just sit at the spot at the table where we always sat, but. If a lower-ranked officer sat on a nice chair, and Major Hesco had to sit on a folding chair, then Major Hesco would kick him out and take the chair for himself.  That's servant leadership...:)

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