Monday, December 24, 2012

Month 4 Day 24

Notebook entry
21 Marine reports, worked on reports, talked about Human intelligence, radio operators complain and don’t take reports

Journal Entry
The shura continued. Samir confirmed that corruption amongst the ANA was a major impediment to getting cash for human intelligence sources. He fingered basically all of the high-ranking Afghans at the brigade. He did not want to reform the policy because the losers, his superiors would get him in trouble. The corruption here is so entrenched that it is hard to believe. That said. One of the TVs that was meant to be for the ANA has found its way into our MWR/Conference tent. If we think this went unnoticed by the ANA we are wrong. They not only noticed, but they probably believe that this is just another confirmation that it is ok to take stuff that isn’t yours. Their and our sense of entitlement know no bound. We served a [redaction for identification] meal to the soldiers, we ran out of food for the officers, and they were a little bit butt-hurt, but who really cares, I don’t. They treat their soldiers like shit. That said, we had 0-60 [Major Hesco, referred to as 0-60 because he would go from mentally stable to screaming mad in a second or two] complain about not getting a nice rolly-chair at the meeting the other night. He kicked out Capt Nowak and took the chair for himself. He also had me chase around to find someone for about 30 minutes because he lost a bunch of files stored on his desktop, not the share-drive when his computer went down. Not like I had anything to do. We are no different than them. We are just more smug and the level of self-entitlement and corruption is not as bad.
Getting ready to serve the meal

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