Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Month 4 Day 12

Notebook Entry

Convoy back, date for intel shura, some names for Talonview training, shura agenda, Intelligence preparation of the battlespace tomorrow. Get all classes and later posted, Marine Expeditionary Force considered turning off fuel, 10 soldiers HMMWV course

Journal Entry
combined patrol back, equally heinous, the ANA have trouble understanding that they need to stay in the path of the mine roller. It was a productive day with Samir. I got a date for the intel shura—[redacted for identification]. Sweet, I love being in a muslim country. Got some names for Talonview, worked on the Shura agenda and Samir agreed to practice the IPB in the morning and give it to the general in the afternoon. I posted all of the classes tht I worked on and had translated only to have the guys at Division say, oh yah we have a bunch of intel doctrine and classes from MoD on a CD—don’t you think I might want that, you fucking retards. In a stroke of true idiocy MEF [Marine Expeditionary Force] wanted to stop giving all of the ANA in Helmand province fuel. They are disconnected from reality. The entire ANA would shut down, and probably freeze to death. The brilliance of those on the top. The regiment to its credit, did not comply with the order.

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