Thursday, December 20, 2012

Month 4 Day 20

Notebook entry
All late for course, no interpreter to work with Samir, saw monkey, dinner with the British

Journal Entry
Second day of classes for the ANA, they were late again, shock. I
couldn't work with Samir after the day was done because there was not
a duty linguist hanging out in the CoC. That was annoying. I managed
to get enough out with my busted Dari to let him know what we are
going to work on today. I also tracked down a bunch of ID cards and
Kabul bank cards that the Bde Liaison officer took from the ANA for no
explicable reason. I did enough chasing around with Samir that I got
to stop to see the monkeys at RMAsia, they are quite a cute little
novelty, I got some pictures. It is one of those surreal experiences.
In the evening I ate at the British chow hall again. That was
awesome, chicken with peanut Satay sauce, cheese and crackers. Life
is good. Watched Dante's inferno last night. It took some poetic
license with the epic poem (ba dum ching), but overall it was a fine

Samir, with the tucked-in sweater.

Who brings a monkey to a combat zone?

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