Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Month 4 Day 25

Notebook entry
Zero reports, Shura talked about Human Intelligence

Journal Entry
[redaction for identification]

Final day of the shura. Samir explained how to fill out the HUMINT funding forms and I explained exactly how much they are meant to get from MoD. There is obviously a large discrepancy between what they are meant to get from MoD and what they actually get. I explained to them that I did not believe that they would ever get the money that they deserve. This based on the fact that MoD can’t even buy firewood because all of the money is pilfered all of the way down the chain of command. I told them they should pursue two tracks simultaneously. First, they should try to get the system to work. I told them each how much they rate, and when they should expect it. They should try to shake it loose as soon as it comes in. Second, I told them that they didn’t need cash to do intelligence. Good patrol debriefing is more than enough if they know how to do it. They said that they would be honest men, I suggested that if they were, that someone would probably make up something about them, or tell the truth about them and get them put in jail or transferred until they got someone in the post who would pay the tax. You can’t be an honest man without a gun in a kleptocracy. The system will kill you, literally or figuratively. They were looking at me by the end and asking me why their country is so fucked up. I didn’t delve into the problem being where their loyalties lie.

[redaction for identification]

Befuddled by 'who, what, when, where, and why?'

Samir, trying to explain how to answer the 5 w's

All the intelligence of the brigade

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