Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Month 4 Day 4

Notebook Entry
SSgt Kelly Cobiella picks up Hard Drive for Nawa, Letter of Appreciation for Cpl Chuck Conder.

Journal Entry

The guys from Nawa came in today. I was able to give them the hard drive I made for them of the map data. I was also able to finish up a letter of appreciation for Cpl Chuck Conder , for all of the work that he did over here on the roster. CISE came over and talked about doing additional work with the contractors to make sure that they are not fleeced by our ANA.

I still need to sit down and bang out those 5 goals.

Major Hesco was up until the wee hours of the morning (I think he woke up at midnight and went to be[d] at 0430) so that he could watch the Auburn football game. I was like, really? You have that little to do, and yet you keep giving me collateral duties. Wow.

Edited to Add:
I would later find that the hard drive that was supposed to be given to the Afghans in Nawa had been converted to a movie drive, awesome.  As for the Letter of Appreciation.  I though that it was important to recognize a Marine from another unit who came out to help with the boring work that we were doing, this is probably the only letter this Marine would see on his entire deployment.

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