Saturday, December 22, 2012

Month 4 Day 22

Notebook entry
Flight back to Dwyer. Worked on report, spoke to General about Najib.

Journal Entry
Came back from LNK. The flight went fine. Came back to a huge bunch of boxes from the American Embassy to Japan and from Debbie. Debbie sent a bunch of coloring books and crayons. I plan to make my biggest impact of the war in the camp aid station coloring with the kids. At least I have a hope with them. The Embassy sent a metric crap-ton of good stuff for the group, DVDs watches, more coloring books. They sent along a bunch of cards too. They all said that they had read Obama’s wars, I was like ‘ok, and…’ I guess they feel like they are really in the shit in Tokyo. I worked with Samir and tried to get the General to reassign Najibullah to the Section. The General made a good point he said: ‘Samir, you are the only guy in this place who is pushing his NCOs away’ every other section is fighting to get them. I had to agree with the General. Samir has no idea how to lead his section, or how to lead anyone. He feels like he is entitled to it because he is an officer. In a sense he is, but when he can’t enforce it, then he isn’t entitled to shit. Anyway, upcoming curriculum will include leadership classes in conjunction with intelligence.

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