Saturday, December 15, 2012

Month 4 Day 15

Notebook entry
10 legacy reports given. Two reports from the ANA. Clarified forms Bs, got three new form types. Taught Samir map. Intelligence Shura date. Communications operations-Checked gear.

Journal Entry
I gave Samir a bunch of reports this morning, he did the same for me. He was pissed that the dates on some of them were wrong. I told him that others were still learning, just like he was. They expect everything from the Americans to be perfect. I got three new form types from him, taught him some mapping stuff and shifted the Intel Shura date to the left by a little bit. Major Kraus wanted to add a class taught by Sgt Robert Burns about an intel journal, I’m like how about that ANA-led this that we are trying to do. Que Sara.

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