Friday, December 14, 2012

Month 4 Day 14

Notebook entry,
Spoke to rafi regarding the fight with Samir. Communications gets Preventative Maintanance list from the Afghan National Arm, Administrative Shura.

Journal entry
Forced Samir to practice and deliver an IPB [Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace] to the General. The General is a straight-up asshole. He sat there while the guy was giving the presentation and belched, yawed, scratched himself. Interrupted, told Samir to speed up. In fairness Samir did not do a great job, but the general didn’t help. I probably don’t give Marine Commanders enough credit for just being nice guys and not lording their rank over everyone. To be sure, though ‘officers eat last’ that is just about all that we do last, we get first dibs on nearly everything else. Though it is not as blatant as the Afghans, we are probably not much better.

I BATed almost all day. Samir came in and complained that his heating was not working. In truth, the heating in the office was not working. He had moved in there because he had a fight with Rafi, his NCO. His leadership ability is so poor that he chose to move out rather than work. The office doesn’t have any heat because the Afghans have erected plywood walls throughout the building to make themselves little offices. This prevents air circulation.

The BATing thing was a bit annoying because Capt Nowak said he would come watch, so that next week when I am gone he will know what to do, but he basically thought it was too hard and didn’t show up. That is really annoying because he said that he would do it in the meeting, and then just didn’t do it. I finally got him to come out at the end of the day, but I can foresee right now that next week is going to be a catastrophe because he was too busy throwing around a football to come over and actually work. IT is like everyone around here works, but they only work on the things that they want to work on. Sometimes things need to be done even when they suck. It seems like I am the only one who actually does the shitty jobs

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