Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Month 4 Day 19

Notebook Entry
First day of course, all late, worked for one hour with Samir on Shura stuff

Journal Entry
It took the ANA 30 extra minutes to muster everyone for the class that
they needed to go to, shock. The class itself started a little rough,
but I think that it worked out OK in the end. The Army Cpt who they
have teaching it started blathering on about commercial satellite
imagery and how to get it. I am like, these guys have no idea what
you are talking about right now. The ANA worked a very long day for
them, 0900-1130 and 1300-1530 they were all complaining about being
tired at the end of it. I worked with Samir on HUMINT source money
distribution policy after the class. I got a whole extra hour out of
him. He was pretty receptive. When we were done he wanted me to walk
with him, and hang out. I don't know if he is just lonely, or what,
but I think he has started to like me, or at least understands what I
can bring to the table if he works with me. Maybe there is hope for
him. I watched another movie last night, just because I could, 'Wild
Things.' It had more plot twists than macro may, I don' think they
fully closed all of the loops though. Spoke a lot with Lt David Guttenfelder, he
is a good dude, we are on similar tracks, he wants to go out, go to
business school and do something else.

Apparently, this is what happens on big bases, celebrities come to visit you. 

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