Sunday, December 16, 2012

Month 4 DAy 16

Notebook Entry
12 Marine reports, Sgt Robert Burns and LCpl Schneider come for class, spoke about scanners

Journal Entry
Tenth of Ashura another excuse for them to not work: they are supposed to avoid TV, fast, if they are Shia, self-flaggelate. My guys just refused to work, watched TV, to show their devotion some went to the mosque before getting blazed out of their minds or getting drunk, no self flagellation. Devout muslims my ass, these guys are Muslims just like 90% of Americans [at] Christians.

Spoke with the engineer officer about scanners, and explained how they could not be used as IED detectors, but should reside with the intel section. I don’t know how much got through. I tried to break down the process of direction-finding and enemy’s radio signal as simply as possible, I drew pictures, diagrams, etc. At the end he was unmoved and thought that because the crap was in his Quad-con that it belonged to the engineer. The guys from the RCT came over and tried to teach a class about the intel journal. I am glad that I did that vs have them teach it at the shura. Sgt Robert Burns came out and said ‘man we need to spend a lot more time over here so that we can figure out what they need.’ Yep you do, you can’t command from far away without having a clue.

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