Sunday, June 30, 2013

Month 10 Day 30

Notebook entry
Three reports given, Ministry of Defense form 14 stuff, eat fish versus teach fishing, Naikpai missing, commanding officer and I, meeting intelligence preparation of the battlespace

Journal entry
i met up with Bernie in the morning and gave him a CD with all of the information on it that he needed to order new gear.  He said that he wanted to fill it out himself, but when I came back in the afternoon, he hadn't filled anything out, but he was still asking for a new printer from me.  He hasn't figured it out yet.

I told him that my purpose here was not to give him a fish, but to teach him to fish, and I didn't care if he starved for a while. 

While Bernie was on the phone Naikpai was showing me some of the places he went in the AO.  He came in throught the Bari Desert up top, crossed the Bogra and spent some time at one of the bazaars, then spent some time in Sistani, and finally moved down to the district center where he worked on a tip line.  He said that he used to be the big chief linguist, and was happy when Dinar said he wanted to do the job because it meant he didn't have to work as much.  Lazy little umpa lumpa. 

Did the combined Ops and Intel, Maj Kraus was a pussy and didn't want to stick around to eat. 

In the afternoon (typically a half-day for the Afghans) Bernie said that he wanted to work on IPB.  That was fine by me, so I brought him in and taught him what I know.

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