Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Month 10 Day 26

Notebook entry
Five reports given, intelligence cycle, link analysis, Corps priority intelligence requirements, afternoon acetate, weather, torn brake line in truck, one Afghan national Army soldier killed in action rollover, container, broke into ablution, refuse combined combat operations center.

Journal entry
I met up with bernie in the morning.  

I was really pissed off at him initially because I had really hoped that he would do some work the night prior.  He told me that he wanted to know the population of all of his districts and that he was and who the key commanders were in each of the districts.  I told him that if he did the work, that I would tell him if his information matched what I had.  I did the research, found the information, etc.  He called up the Lecay teams and asked for the information.  The Legacy teams are Human intelligence collectors, they are supposed to put out spies and find out about enemy activity, not population statistics.  This is distinctly different than what he told me he was going to do (i.e. ask someone on the district council). I got pissed off with him and told him I am not going to give him and information unless he does the work.  I think that he is starting to understand our relationship.  I sat down with him and we talked about link analysis and other things for about an hour. 

After that I came back and worked on some reports.  I went to the RCT picked up some clamps and talk to the S2 guys over there.  I got certified on yet another of the million intel programs that I am expected to know.  

I came back and helped bernie put acetate over his map.  He didn't know how to use binder clamps and he made the comment that 'we are all like Jalaluddin, to them' Jalaluddin is a character in a popular tv show who came down from the mountains to Kabul and have to figure out how to live in the big city.  That is what he feels like all the time.  I think he's probably right, but that is mostly our fault too. After I helped him.  We stepped outside.  I wanted to talk to him about the General.  The general is a Mujaheddin fighter, really has no military experience and that makes him a poor brigade commander.  He doesn't know what he is supposed to do.   Anyway, while we were out there, and while I was feeling pretty proud of Bernie for how hard he worked on learning to do the weather, putting up the acetate, etc. he tells me.  "it is really important that I get a container" I have lots of secret things to talk about and I need a container to do that.  I told him they cost $230,000 and that if he wants one he should talk to his XO.  No, he doesn't think that will work, he wants the Americans to bring him one...sigh.   

One of the ANA from 4th kandak was killed in a vehicle rollover.  The General couldn't understand how he was braindead and yet still breathing.  He was expecting the American doctors to work some type of magic to bring him back. 

The Afghans broke into the new ablution facility where they are supposed to wash for pray one of them decided to take a shit in the middle of it.  Awesome.  Col Mustafa's response.  "you'll find a way to secure it for me."

On a final happy note.  One of the decent officers we have the Tachnique, is getting burnt out as he is the only officer in the S-4 at this time.  He says he is never coming back to the Combined COC where he was a permanent watch-stander.  The LtCol is ready to cut off their fuel and water over this...He also says if they don't figure it out, that we just won't talk to them for 24 hours.  this is childish, but on the bright off. 

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