Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Month 10 Day 5

Notebook entry
Two reports given, Salim Busy with shipping two prisoners, 24 year old male voters, Salim no-show, doorbell and ate with executive officer

Journal Entry

Salim was busy in the morning shipping out the two detainees, so we didn’t get a chance to work.  I had to go to the LOO sync  meeting at 1030.  The only  interesting unclassified thing that came out of there was that votes for the District Community Council are restricted to males above 24 yrs of age. I dropped by the S2, picked up some stuff and was told that I was going to be sent to Division.  I went to chow.  I came back and met with Salim (he was 25 min late) and again tried to help him remember the cardinal directions and to identify by sight where the cities in his AO are.  I also tried to help him memorize where his kandaks were and what cities they were associated with.  The then had to sit down with the S1s for about two hours and work through their rosters with them.  They are getting pretty accurate.  It was a headache-inducing experience.  Had dinner with Lekic.  He described his 6 phase plan to exact revenge on his ex-fiancĂ©e for making him think that she was bearing his child.  Crazy day.

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