Friday, June 14, 2013

Month 10 Day 14

Notebook entry
Liberal arts leads to vocation? Moment in time, sent flag, burnt book, counter intelligence support element here, intelligence preparation of the battle space, water with Salim.

Journal entry
I finished off Friedan’s book in the morning.  She said a couple more things that just didn’t ring true with me.  She said that liberal arts leads to a vocation.  I’m like huh?  The vast majority of college grads end up working in fields that have nothing to do with their degrees.  In fact, liberal arts degrees were never supposed to be vocational degrees that is why they were liberal, in the sense of free from an apprenticeship, degrees.  The education system she describes, the current one we have is a precious waste of human resources, as mush as she decries the ‘problem that has no name’-really people not working up to their potential.  It was interesting to read though as a moment in time, her epilogue about starting NOW and the ERA, are interesting.  You are hearing a voice from a moment in history, when perspectives really were different when you read about that. 

I sent the flag back to Scott and Scott in the morning, I got all the signatures and put in a thank you letter.

I burnt Richard Dawkins book for Capt Arthur.  I met with CISE as did a few other guys to do interviews about our counterparts.

I went to the chapel twice to try to find soap since I am on my last bar, and the damn thing was locked

I worked in the afternoon with Salim on the IPB stuff again.  We had to redo everything we did the day before because he did not know how to take notes, he started from the bottom center of the page and worked his way up and around.  When he tried to read the notes, they didn’t make sense to him.  I helped him rewrite his notes.  It’s the simple things.

I looked over a bunch of awards for Capt Nowak and the Major to make sure that the spelling/grammar/et all was good. 

I watched a Tony Robbins TED talk, that guy is an amazing speaker, I need to figure out how to be like that.

I hopped on a flight to leatherneck and got a room at the ‘Bella Union Inn’ building.  It is awesome up here. There’s part of me that wouldn’t mind redeploying if I could come up here for the year. The chow, gym, facilities, they are all fantastic.

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