Sunday, June 23, 2013

Month 10 Day 23

Notebook Entry
Reports given, what you want versus what is possible, awards and unbiased perspective, drawdown, intelligence officer too busy to work.

Journal entry

I am writing this waiting for the METLs/Training plan review/'Call on me Thursday

I got up and did a fair bit in the morning.  I was feeling pretty good, then I ran to the gym and by the time I got there I felt like something took the wind out of my sails.  I'm just really physically tired.  I lifted weights, my muscles responded, but I was just feeling out-of-gas plain and simple.  

I got back and fought to catch up with my inbox.  I did that reasonably successfully.  

I tried to meet up with the Maj in the Morning but Salim was sick, so he said he was too busy to do anything.  

At noon time I asked if he wanted to come eat chow, this is normally a 'hell yah' but he said no, 'but you can come eat Afghan food' nan afghani boukho. I told him no thanks.  I didn't tell him that I got sick the day prior from eating the unsanitary stuff, but I really couldn't do it two days in a row.   I went to lunch with the linguists dinar complained about the food yesterday and said that they must have really been skimming a lot of money off the top if that was all they could afford for the general, it was supposed to be a feast.

In the afternoon I tried to come back and work, but I was feeling like absolute shit and I had to lay down, I missed a graduation for the drivers course, and I felt a little bad, but I was wrecked (I still am). 

I went out and taught Salim a class for an hour.  He is just starting to understand the difference between COIN and conventional war.  That's good.  He said his eyes were bloodshot and his side was hurting, his doctors told him he had to go up to Shorabak, but he wanted to hang around until Qais got back, what a good soldier. 

I met up with Tawoos thereafter, he wanted me to help him hang a map that he brought down with him.  I thought it was one big map, no it was 10 map sections.  He basically supervised as I crawled around on the ground with Naikpai and put it together.  He found a million excuses to leave the room.  Sigh

After the meeting I brought Naikpai a CD with some photos on it, he was the duty linguist and the only one in his tent.  I rolled in there and his little umpa lumpa ass is inside his sleeping bag just his face poking out watching some chick get railed from behind, he looks at me red-faced and gave his best nan-chalant thank you very much.  I'm not going to get that picture out of my head for a while. 

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