Sunday, June 9, 2013

Month 10 Day 9

Notebook entry
17 reports given, combined operations and intelligence briefing, Salim wanted class, sleeping, wash uniform,jumping in class.

Journal entry
Did the combined ops and intel in the morning.  I spoke to Maj Kraus re my assignment to either MEF or Division.  He said that he would try to puch for MEF since I preferred it both for the commute nd to fix the atrocious training that we got from ATG.

I spoke to Salim after the combined ops-intel.   I asked him how the class with Capt CJ Radin was and he said it wasn’t really a class.  I asked if he wanted another class even though Thursday is normally a half day and he said yes.  I was so proud of him I picked him up and hugged him.

I went to chow with CISE, they are going to have a new guy coming around here to work with Monir. 

In the afternoon I came to get salim at 1500 and shock, he was sleeping. His room did smell a little better and he did have on a different uniform, so that was good. 

He complained at the end of my class that I kept jumping around, by which I presume he meant reviewing from the beginning.  I said yes, that is true, but you are resistant to writing things down and you always forget what I tell you, so we have to keep going over things.  I can’t very well tell you something is happening East of here unless you know what direction east is. He assented and my point was illustrated when a report came in at the end of the class it mentioned Hazar Joft and the kidnapping of an ANP officer.  I asked him if he knew where Hazar Joft was and he said no, then smiled.  I had him try to give LtCol Valquist a backbrief after the class on what he learned.  He was so proud, LtCol Valquist was encouraging, but he now understands what I am dealing with.

I watched Catch Me if You Can, that was a nice little diversion, and I slept like absolute shit.  Not sure why. 

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