Monday, June 10, 2013

Month 10 Day 10

Notebook entry
19 reports given, Skype up, cleaning, weather to Salim, no well test,.

Journal entry
Slept in, had a shitting night’s sleep.

I got up with Suzan on Skype for the first time in the deployment.  That was awesome.  It was great to see her pretty face.   I have even got a picture of her now on my desktop.

I cleaned my rifle, pistol, ammo, etc, went to chow. 

In the afternoon I caught up on E-mails, gave the weather to Salim, and talk to the other officers about what awards are appropriate for what Marines.  I will be writing on LCpl Lekic and Doc Kucera.

I am also searching around for temporary billets at Del Mar, that took up a fair bit of my time, but  Capt Jason Johnston, who used to be one of my GIOC instructors got back to me and that was helpful.  He thinks he might know some people with lines into there.

No well test was done because they don’t have chlorine.

Easy day.

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