Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Month 10 Day 19

Notebook entry
Practice at combined combat operations center, don't have time for class, conversation, grand strategy, $14.75 per meal, commanders conference, three dollars per day per head

Journal entry
I went over to the combined COC in the morning with Maj Tawoos.  He was over there to do 'analysis' on the sigevents.  I don't know how he was supposed to do that, when all of the boards are cleared everyday, but...After that I linked up with Maj Kraus, to practice their combined brief for the commander's conference. We didn't have a linguist, so I acted as one as best as I could.  After that we returned to the CCOC, and I talked to Maj Tawoos about classes with Salim, he said that Salim was busy today and there shoudln't be a class.  I said ok, so does that mean I get 2 hours tomorrow?  "shoyat" maybe.  I can see this is going to be a struggle.  I need to get him into a rythmn and make sure that class gets slotted in somewhere during the day.

I spoke to the lunch guy at the DFAC he says they only spend 14.75 on every meal, thats less than I would have thought given how far it all travels. 

In the afternoon, since I couldn't do class with Salim because he and the Major were both at the commander's conference, I sat in my room and had a conversation about the lack of US grand strategy in the world and how we coudl learn a lot from Australia, the UK, and France.  Capt Arthur said the first of his priorities would be liberalism.  He and Capt Brawny got off on a tangent about communism because Graham, as he normally does 'turns the non-sequetor machine up to 11' as Brian says, and starts blathering on about things that don't logically make sense, but that he reads in his right-wing books.

We are using my roster to try to narrow the gap between their headcount and our headcount.  They get $3 per head per day for chow money because they are in a remote location.  This can add up pretty fast and augment the income of the officers.  We are currently looking at a discrepancy of 31 at this level or $2790.  A lot when a general makes less that $1000 per month.  We'll see. 

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