Monday, June 3, 2013

Month 10 Day 3

Notebook entry
Four reports given, Razaq back, hairspray.

Journal entry
Pretty light day.  I had my sleep in until about 0700, cut my hair had a shower, ate breakfast, talked to Suzan, caught up on E-mails, got a new ID card. I then watched the musical hairspray, the other Marines called me gay, but I wanted to watch something that was funny and far removed from death and destruction, that was nice.

The only notable things the whole day were 1. That Abdul Razaq was seen back here for the first time since October.  The Corps now want to talk to him about irregularities with the HUMINT source funding.  I’ll try to talk to him on Sat.

The other thing was dealing with BDOC they want us to start using the regular ECP not the military ECP so that they can make sure the ANA go condition 4. Well that’s ok, but tell people about that ahead of time, don’t have them get to the ECP, turn a whole convoy around and come to the other one, that is retarded.

Ah well.  It was steak night.  That was nice, not too many of those left.

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