Saturday, January 5, 2013

Month 5 Day 4

Notebook Entry
Twelve reports to Samir, gave weather, Samir presented weather, talked about job description, BAT.

Journal Entry
Gave Samir 12 reports, and gave him the weather. A small victory, I also got him to present the weather. That was good. I BATed [e.g. fingerprinted] the ANA all day. The GSU [Garrison Support Unit] was very good and compliant, for the third week in a row I had to go to the XO [Executive officer] to make him order his guys to come. What a pain in my ass. Why can’t people just show up when they are told to show up. Samir wanted me to send the job description of the S2s [intelligence officer] via our scanner, I had to explain that we couldn’t do that and that he would have to send them via courier, or radio. He was not happy with that. I felt kind of bad because he was trying to do something independently, but if we start scanning stuff for them, then they will never learn. I sent some requests for information to [various] business schools.

I have a cat in the CoC [Combat Operations Center/office tent] who I hoped was going to kill rats, but right now he is just racked out on one of the chairs. UNLEASH YOUR INNER TIGER DAMN YOU.

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