Friday, January 18, 2013

Month 5 Day 18

Notebook entry
Four reports to the ANA [Afghan National Army], Rafi to Regimental Combat Team, Samir in Garmsir, Staff to Regimental Combat Team. 83 passengers in via helicopter.

Journal Entry
BATed all day. That worked ok. I taught Lekic, a LCpl who has patience in spades to make up for his lack on intelligence, how to work the whole process. He is not onto it just yet, but I think that he will get there soon. I also taught him how to do some of the logical and mathematical functions in Excel and I think I saw smoke coming from his ears.

Rafi went to the meeting at the RCT and Samir went to Garmsir. From what the rest of the staff tell me it was pretty useless. LtCol Walcott gave a PPT in English and had no prac app about Course of action development. The Afghans has no idea what he was talking about. They shook their heads up and down and said yes a lot, but they had no idea. He also asked the ANA opsO [Operations Officer] about moving one of their units and the OpsO said yes. The ANA OpsO had no idea what he was talking about, nor does he have the authority in this system to do this. Perhaps in time they will understand that you can’t move fast with the ANA, that they don’t have any experience, and that they will above all else try to save face.

Capt Nowak tells me that Maj Kraus is no fan of mine, that is news to me, I don’t know why , but it bothered me.

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