Sunday, January 13, 2013

Month 5 Day 13

Notebook Entry
13 reports to the Afghan National Army, Combined Staff Meeting, Executive Officers weekly meeting, Samir weather afternoon.

Journal Entry
Joint staff meeting in the morning. Gave Samir the weather in the afternoon. I had to work on the antiterrorism force protection classes and the SERE classes again because I couldn’t find the certificates. Those are a couple of hours I will never get back. Nothing else really earth-shattering happened. Major Hesco was confused about the two ‘Lts’ being assigned to my section. He thought that he heard Lts so that must be the word, or so he thinks, but in fact they are sgts, but because he didn’t hear that it can’t be true. He would make one shitty intel officer. Oh well, I should stop complaining I guess.

This is what happens when some people don't have enough to do in combat.  They start to turn it into a garrison environment, in this case, there was an air-wing unit right next to us which did next to nothing and took it upon themselves to become the parking police.  Really?  If this is what you have to work on, then go home.

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