Monday, January 28, 2013

Month 5 Day 28

Notebook Entry
No reports, Combat Operations Center in the morning, no contact afternoon.

Journal Entry
Did the combined CoC watch in the morning. Groundhog day. I had to teach map reading again. Maj Valquist was so impressed that I did it in Dari that he said I was going to be the lead instructor. This is retarded. The CoC has a completely different Afghan staff every day. They are never going to advance. It would be like sending an 8th grader to a college class once a month and expecting them to pick up and learn it themselves. This is going to be a drain on manpower. I told Major Valquist that the more we fucked with it the more that we are going to own it. He said “there is more to it than that.” I am firmly convinced there is not. The CO [Commanding Officer] wants this so he can tell his Bns [Battalions] to get it and look good when Generals come. The Afghans don’t want it. The ETT [Embedded Training Team] don’t want it and the Marine CoC just looks at it with contempt. Oh well.

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