Monday, January 14, 2013

Month 5 Day 14

Notebook Entry
No reports to ANA, talk with Samir regarding intelligence in operations, Samir to Garmsir and bank, first tracking of operation. Septic tank installed? Meeting with GySgt Jim Michaels regarding career counceling.

Journal Entry
Had a small class with Samir again in the morning. Talked about his responsibilities during an operation. Did a bunch of errand running, to BDOC [Base Defense Operations Center], the S-1 [Administration]. Went to the Combat Surgical Hospital and played with a few kids. Their dad was really nice and pretty progressive. He didn’t have any issue with me coming behind the curtain with him and his wife who had been injured by an IED. The kids were a hoot, a little 2 year old boy a baby girl and a 5 year old girl. The whole family looked like they rolled around in the dirt before they came in making their already brown skin even darker. Maj Hesco seems to be trying to thaw relations between us. He keeps talking to me, trying to tell me stories and asking me personal questions. I’m like now? Almost half-way through the deployment you start wondering about me. I think that he really doesn’t have any idea how to be an XO, I think he feels more comfortable now that he is filling Maj Valquist’s spot since he is on leave.

The rats are back and the Afghans have adopted my tiger.

Me playing with some local kids at the Combat Surgical Hospital their mom in the background.

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