Thursday, January 3, 2013

Month 5 Day 3

Notebook entry
Six reports to Samir, Contacted school in Kabul, spoke about weather in the morning, spoke in the afternoon about new personnel, some contracters working different company new name.

Journal Entry
Worked with Samir in the morning on the weather, he claimed that he didn’t have a flash drive to move it over to the presentation computer. I asked the other Afghans and got one in approximately 2 seconds. In the afternoon we worked on putting together a list of people who we would like to have assigned to Intel. He didn’t seem to understand that merely asking was the point. If you don’t ask for a bunch of people, then you will get no one. If you ask for a bunch, then perhaps you will get some. It is particularly urgent because I just found out about the intel MOS school in Kabul. If I can get a bunch of guys assigned and then send them up there, that would be awesome. It would be doubly beneficial because my leave period is [coming up], and the end of their course [coincides with my leave period]. If the timing works out right, and presuming they don’t all decide to go on leave immediately after the course (I doubt they will because the HUMINT money is supposed to come in at that time and they will need to sign for it) then I could have a whole Brigade worth of trained intel officers, and I could use the time to start working on the CLICs at the kandak level.

We’ll see.

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