Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Month 5 Day 30

Notebook Entry
11 Reports, watch morning, class with Samir afternoon Rafi to Videoteleconference.

Journal Entry
Did watch at the CCoC [Combined Combat Operations Center Watch] this morning. I discovered how little the RCT [Marine Regimental Combat Team] CoC want to play ball. I asked them to provide one marine to watch the CCoC for 20 minutes because we only had one Marine and wanted to keep the Afghans up on communication. The MGySgt [Master Gunnery Sergeant] said, ‘sir, not during the day, I can’t do that.’ I’m like really, some people take that long to take a crap in the morning, you mean to tell me that the 20 or so guys that you have in there are all so pivotal that they can’t stand in the doorway next to their desk, rather than sit at their desk for 20 minutes. It just shows what a farce the whole thing is and how important it is for commanders to quit[sp] commanding and start getting buy-in.

Came back and did some work, I was supposed to do a Video teleconference in the afternoon but I let myself get sucked into some supply stuff because I knew it was going to be absolutely useless, from what I hear, it was. I taught a class on mapping to Sgt Salim and did a little more work.

Some of the Afghan Soldiers Unloading a plywood shipment.

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