Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Month 5 Day 15

Notebook entry

Samir didn’t report weather, communications training course start, Executive Officer lays out expectations. Major Hesco forces Doc to take medics. Seven reports to Samir, Samir claims to be sick in the afternoon. New Sergeants arrive, 30 students , Communication Class, Mass casualty.

Journal Entry
Samir’s lazy ass didn’t report the weather. The XO went around and tried to fire up the staff and explained to all of them how to fill out these new forms for their reports that include who, what, whne where, how, and why. You should see the resistance to it.

Major Hesco forced the doc to take his medics to the RCT for a mass casualty drill. Doc was trying to tow the line, he was not going to provide them with ground transportation because they have approximately 1 bazillion vehicles here, to include a small bus that they could have used. The ANA didn’t plan ahead and the doc was trying to let them feel the consequences. No one was going to die because of this, it didn’t affect any operation, commanders goal or anything, but Major Hesco told him to ‘get in those (meaning the Marine) trucks right now and I don’t want to hear a word about it.’ The stupid thing is that us intervening and ‘making things happen’ is precisely what prevents them from doing anything. If they know that every time something gets fucked up we are going to step in and fix it for them, then they are never going to learn. They are going to not do it and just wait for us to do it for them. It is all the more ironic because John Soltz was pissed off and we set there talking loudly about how Nawa wanted to get a bunch of replacement parts from the Marine side so that they could ‘get to phase 4’ meaning ANA independent operations. John Soltz rightly told them if they are incapable of using their own supply system then they are not nearly at Phase 4! Major Hesco could see the humor in that but couldn’t see the plank in his own eye.

They also sent up a report to the commanding general yesterday. It listed my guys as being much farther along than they actually are. When I questioned it I was told by Capt Nowak that we was directed by Maj Valquist to fill it in as he did. It doesn’t matter that Samir is nowhere near even the minimal standards that we want him to meet. Why are we lying to ourselves? I’ll talk to Maj Valquist about it when he gets back.

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