Monday, January 21, 2013

Month 5 Day 21

Notebook Entry
Morning maintain weapons class to Junior Marines, class from Major Hesco, met with Executive Officer, gave progress report, he asked for intel classes. Gave Samir weather met with Col Kareem regarding classes in Kabul.

Journal Entry
I tried to go to see the kids, but I was too caught up with stuff to do here. I taught a class to the MPs in the morning about banking accounts. Maj Hesco wanted to do a PME [Professional Military Education Session aka class] with the Jr Marines in the afternoon about what was going on in the AO [Area of Operations]. That’s cool except that I basically knew all of the stuff and that wasted a bunch of my time. I met with Col Kareem, the S-3 [Afghan Operations Officer] in the morning. He said that he would cough up one body for the intel course in Kabul and that he would call about the additional intel courses. This is within his role as the S-3, as training is part of his job. I gave the ANA XO [Executive Officer] a progress report and a list of the classes that I planned to teach to Samir. I told him that I would only give Samir reports and weather if he did his class, if he didn’t receive reports from Samir, then he should ask him what is wrong because he is either too lazy to present the stuff, or he didn’t do his class. I hope this works. Samir told, me I am not his, boss, well, that is true, but I just co-opted his boss, he is going to do what I say. I have more willpower than he can conceive of. I will break him. Major Hesco has kind of toned down a little bit. I think his frenetic pace when he started being ‘in command’ was a bit too much for him. That’s nice. One other thing, the S2 from 2ndkandak came up here and tried to go on leave. Just by chance I saw him and I asked him what the hell he was doing here. This mother fucker has been back for a month and 10 days and wants to go on leave again. I asked the ANA XO not to sign his paperwork, and he didn’t. The little bastard even claimed not to have seen me when I went to Garmsir. He said ‘I don’t care how long it has been, I have some problems at home’ I told him, ‘in case you haven’t noticed we have some problems with the Taliban here maybe you should go back to your kandak and find out where/who they are’ undedicated fuck.

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