Friday, February 8, 2013

Month 6 Day 8

Notebook entry
No reports to one report from in the morning worked on the sorter, in the afternoon map with Regimental combat team. Samir not at course.

Journal Entry
[The other day-date changed for ID] I found out that Samir had not made it to the course. He must have jumped ship somewhere along the way. That really pisses me off. He took the one seat that we had for the Brigade and then bailed. I hate him. I worked with Rafi on the sorter a little bit in the morning. I had to tell the Major about Capt Nowak’ security violation (i.e. putting a SIPR disk on two NIPR computers). He was also planning to distribute copies to the Afghans. I am really torn up about it. He is not smart and I feel like I am kicking a puppy that just doesn’t understand what is happening. It sucks.

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