Thursday, February 28, 2013

Month 6 Day 28

Notebook Entry
62 reports to Rafi, Combat Operation Center morning-working, MoD-14, Afternoon Video teleconference, Division of Labor, Weather with Salim

Journal Entry
Had a confrontation with Rafi in the combined CoC [Combat Operations Center]. I didn’t yell at him, but his issues came to a head. He didn’t want to do anything else because he said he knows he is leaving. I told him that when I see the paperwork, then I will stop training him. Until then I will continue to work with him at 1500 every day if he is at Camp Garmsir and at a time of my choosing if he is in the combined CoC. If he didn’t show up or doesn’t want to work, then I will not give him any reports or weather. I will also write in my weekly report to the General that he willfully did not attend or pay attention in class. Maj Hesco came in the midst of our conversation, and as he normally does, he wants to get involved and put his own swing on things, so he started talking to Rafi instead of me. At first this annoyed me, then it was good. Maj Hesco poignantly asked him “do you want the Lt [referring to me] to say that you are doing well, that you are learning and coming to class when you are not? Do you want him to lie?” Rafi said “yes”, then thought about it and corrected himself and said no. Sigh. In the afternoon we had a VTC in the S3 conference room. It was basically a glorified radio traffic session. It was not a real conference. The kandaks are saying, we got this many detainees, this many PKMs, etc. Maj Kraus wants them to keep coming to the table and maybe make it more fruitful than it is. I came back and worked with Salim on the weather. He is getting better at typing, reading and putting things in the right boxes, but the analysis is still not there. When give the following information

Windspeed: 6 MPH
High temp: 72
Low Temp: 50
Windchill: 0
Sunrise/Set: 0500/1800
Moonrise/Set: 1100/0100
Moon illumination: 15%
General Weather: Thunderstorms and rain

When asked what is the most important thing to friendly and enemy ops he selected lunar illum and wind direction…really…really you can’t even see the moon because of the giant fucking thunderstorm. It took me 45 Min to explain why those had no effect on our operations.

I nearly got backed into by Jamal who did get backed into by one of the Afghan soldiers. He just decided he wanted to go backward, no rearview mirrors, or turning around necessary. Fucktard.

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