Friday, February 15, 2013

Month 6 Day 15

Notebook Entry
Fifteen Reports, Rafi didn’t sleep in tent and didn’t go to meeting, surgery, map class, Regimental Combat Team in the afternoon, database work in the morning, Combined Combat Operations Center and Garmsir

Journal Entry
Met with Salim for a bit in the morning. I told him to wait and that I would be right back, and he predictably disappeared. Rafi squeezed out to the Combat Surgical Hospital to get his ear operated on, it had a huge cyst. He didn’t bother to tell anyone. The General was pissed that no one was at the meeting. Lekic did the BATing [fingerprinting] all day. He is really an ace in the hole. I worked up the materials for the trip to Nawa. In the afternoon the RCT came to teach Rafi and Salim some map classes. They protested a bit because it was Mahammad’s birthday, but they relented when it was an outsider who they are still trying to impress. I spoke with Capt Nowak over lunch. He is still pissed about me reporting him, but he says he is trying to let it go. He really does care about me, and he really took the time to say 'Scott' you handled this badly. His perspective was that I should have turned him in, but that I could have done it more gently. Explained to him the whole process, explained to him what went wrong and then continued to update him and be there for him as a friend when he is wondering if his career is about to end. I can see that, I just was really pissed that I had to turn him in. I also didn’t think that he wanted to know me after I did. I appreciate the time that he spent with me.

Maj Kraus called me at 21:15 last night with a wild hair up his ass about Nawa not coming to the shura. I’m like, sir, I can’t go wake up the general now, he will tell me to get fucked. We are dealing with Afghans, we can’t order them. I think he is starting to get it.

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