Monday, February 11, 2013

Month 6 Day 11

Notebook Entry
25 reports met in the morning, rescheduled, met in the afternoon regarding weather.

Journal Entry
First none of my guys showed up for duty at the CoC [Combat Operations Center], then at 1000 I went to meet up with all of the Sgts about their job descriptions. Shock, none of them were in the office. I went to their tent to talk with them about it. I told them that Sgt Salim wanted to set up a rotation of Sgts that could be posted so that everyone would be clear about what jobs everyone had. Sgt Rafi naturally, didn’t want to talk about this, he said I am in charge here you can’t talk to the other Sgts without my permission, you shouldn’t talk to the General without me, when the inspectors come from Corps I am going to complain about you. I literally laughed in his face. The man accepts no personal responsibility whatsoever. I didn’t even entertain his complaints though they pissed me off. I told Sammy to tell him that he has one sentence to answer each of my questions, and that Sammy would not translate more than that. This finally brought him back on task and he agreed to make a schedule that all three sgts would sign. This schedule will be posted. He also agreed that if it wasn’t done, then they would stop work and work on it until it was completed. Excuses here are never-ending. These guys will lie, any lie, and lie even when what they are saying doesn’t make sense anymore.

I went to the hospital. There were a bunch of kids there this time. There was this poor little girl with burns all over her body. She had a big burn on her head. She couldn’t have been more than 3. She looked at me and started the he, he, he that precedes crying (apparently she had been bawling all day). Then I blew her a balloon and pushed it toward her. She thought that was the best thing she was enamored by that and the coloring book. Too much fun.

Watched inception in the afternoon. A really fantastic film, well made, well acted, appropriate effects.

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