Monday, February 4, 2013

Month 6 Day 4

Notebook Entry
Fourteen reports to the ANA, spoke with the Executive officer, Gerry Bellett and Joshua Hersh come regarding Counter Intel support Failure, Rafi came late.

Journal Entry
Yesterday was Friday. My day to catch up on stuff. I made a progress report for the ANA [Afghan National Army] XO [Executive Officer] and a training plan for next week. Maj Hesco did a PME [class] which seemed worthwhile for the Jr Marines. He read General Petraus’ message on the insurgency. I am not sure why the officers had to come given that we had all already read it. Oh well. It was nice to sleep in a little bit yesterday. I didn’t get a chance to get out to the hospital. I felt really bad about that. I really like going there, but I just didn’t get time. Instead, the CISE [Counterintelligence Support Element] and BDOC [Base Defense Operations Center] guys showed up about a guy who works here who is supposedly a threat to us. The whole thing shows ignorance of the Afghans, this guy is an Uzbek, he doesn’t like the Taliban, the General can’t outright fire him not only because he is a civilian, but because the general is a Hazarah and a Shia. The BDOC and CISE Lts were all pissed off that we couldn’t just kick him out. I’m like guys, this isn’t how this works. The Maj and Capt left for Marjeh last night to see the new kandak. I got clearance from the Major to go do some training for the Company Level intel Cells in the weeks and months ahead.

I had an interesting conversation with Capt Brawny yesterday morning. I wondered to myself if the military actually produces leaders, or if military leaders only know how to be positional leaders. That is, all orders from superiors carry with them the force of law, so is it really leading? There seems to be little to no attempt around here to get buy-in. The second thing that I brought up with him was that for the first time in my life there was no exciting next step for me for a while. The next steps in the USMC are more of a noise than a word 'meahhh.' He said 'well [redaction for ID]this is really your first career, I think all careers are like that.' That gave me pause, perhaps he is right. I like my dilettantism, but it may not be reality unless I am a Congressman or something.


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