Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Month 6 Day 20

Notebook Entry
At PB [Patrol Base] Lamba Dan, Vehicle Check point, report class from Salim, report class to Marines and Afghan National Army officers, Afghan National Army reports rejected by company.

Journal entry
At PB lamba dan came from Geronimo with Lt Mel Preen from my TBS platoon. 1st Dismounted Patrol. We did a VCP [Vehicle Checkpoint] a few kilometers from the PB.  Searched 10 vics [vehicles] and 30 pax [passengers]. Biron  who went to IOC [Infantry Officer's Course] with me was the platooon Commander. Salim gave the class to the ANA [Afghan National Army] and did very well. I gave the class to the ANA platoon commander and the Marines. Movement back to the Company position was all screwd up. Ended up staying in an Afghan mud-hut that had been converted for Marine Use. Good Day. Salim learned a lot through teaching. The Example for the class from the real patrol (gazma) was good. Days like this make me wish I were a platoon commander again. The Sgt [Sergeant] who led the patrol tried to put me in charge, gave me a radio, and wanted to know how I wanted to run it. I'm like, dude, just treat me like a rifleman I'm just along for the ride. This was the most kinetic spot in the entire Nawa AO [Area of Operations], he didn't have anything to prove, anything to defend. It's nice when there's no dick measuring.
Naikpai on patrol

Searching a motorcycle

Salim and Naikpai teaching a class

This soldier's collateral duty, breadmaker

These pressure cookers loved to explode and cause injury...

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